What Is Falcon Security?

Falcon is a service we utilize to monitor signature-based debit and credit card transactions for fraudulent activity. Purina Credit Union uses a third-party vendor to monitor for such fraud. Falcon uses transaction, payment and other variables, in addition to “learned” individual cardholder behavior patterns, to analyze each authorization to determine the likelihood of fraudulent activity. 

Here’s how it works:

If the Falcon Fraud System detects an unusual transaction, a representative reviews the transaction and determines the appropriate course of action. If you receive a call from the representative, he or she will not ask for any personal information such as date of birth or mother’s maiden name.

When speaking with the representative, if you validate the transaction and the card is in your possession, then the card will be left active/open. However, if you inform the representative that the transaction was not made by you and the card is being used fraudulently, he or she will cancel the card to stop additional activity from occurring.

If a representative is unable to contact you by phone, he or she will restrict/block the card until activity is verified. If you are not available to receive the fraud representative’s call, you will receive instructions to call (888) 241-2440 to verify activity. When you return the call, the fraud representative may ask you for the following:

  • Last four digits of the Social Security number
  • The birth month and year (the primary cardholder’s birth date)
  • Zip code
  • Mother's maiden name

By detecting fraud early, the potential of continued fraud is greatly reduced. So, if you receive a call asking about purchases made with your Purina Credit Union Visa® debit or ATM card, please take a moment to talk to our fraud representative to verify your activity.