Time For Spring Cleaning!
     Get the brooms and the trashcans...

Welcome to spring!  Every where you look there’s renewal and rebirth.  However, is this gorgeous spring sun illuminating the winter accumulation of all kinds of …well, stuff, around your home? Embrace the urge to purge.  Here’s how to successfully tackle your spring cleaning projects from getting organized to cleaning inside and outside the home.

Getting organized is most important: 

  • Go around the home inside and out with a notepad and pen. Take notes of what you need to accomplish.  Check for not only items that need cleaning and storage, but also repair.

  • Check your garden as well.  Take inventory of your supplies.  Do you have enough cleaners, tools or gardening items to get the jobs done? Purchase or borrow what you need.

  • Of the projects now on your list, break up the tasks in easily managed sections and either assign tasks to your children and spouse or, if you’re single, plan tasks over the course of a weekend or two or even an hour each week night.

Spring cleaning can be a single task of putting away winter clothes and bringing out spring clothes—for some.  For others, it can mean completing a variety of tasks in many areas inside and outside the home.  Here is a list of common spring cleaning tasks.

Cleaning-Inside the Home: 

  • You may find that your home needs a good dusting after the winter board up. Don’t forget to dust the typically forgotten ceiling fan blades, dryer vents, tops of light fixtures, lamp shades, top edges of trims and picture frames, etc.  Depending on the type of filter, replace or vacuum you A/C filter as directed.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and your flashlight(s), if you weren’t able to at Daylight Savings time.
  • Remove and store winter clothes. Bring your spring wardrobe back to the closet if you haven’t already. While in the process of storing and cleaning, you may find old clothes to donate to charity de-cluttering your basement or closets.
  • Fireplaces and wood stoves can receive their springtime cleanout now.  Remove ashes and check flues and any moving parts for wear and tear and replaces as needed.
  • Don’t forget to clean around your appliances such as your stove and refrigerator.  You’d be surprised what missing gems you’ll find behind or under them.

Cleaning-Outside the Home:

  • Windows take a beating with winter snows, frost and cold dew that leave behind dirt and grime.  Clean outside windows and replace storm windows with screens if you have the older windows that hold one or the other, but not both at the same time.

  • Turn on the outside water faucets. Bring out garden tools such as rakes and hoes and pruning clippers. Remove leave debris and loosen mulch around perennials just a bit so they can get more sun and have freedom for new shoots. Prepare soil in vegetable gardens.  Prune shrubbery, vines and trees if appropriate for the particular variety.  Early spring is also a great time to plant roses, trees and cool season vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, etc. and to plan vegetable beds for warm-season crops.
  • Clean up debris from around your outside air conditioner.  If you have an outside unit, check the outside hoses for signs of torn protective rubber or insulation and replace if needed.  Make sure your fan blades can move easily. Hose down the unit to remove debris safely from the grills.

  • Dig out the lawnmower and check its oil and gas.  Try starting it up.  Does it run properly?  Fine tune or repair as needed.
  • What would spring and summer be without your patio?  Clean and arrange your patio furniture. If you have an outdoor grill or barbeque pit, check for needed maintenance.

  • Take a look at the exterior of your home and see if you have any loose or missing paint or siding, and repair.  With the temperature rising, you’ll now be able to replace any missing caulk around windows, doors and where the siding meets the foundation. You can also fix any cement cracks in your sidewalk or foundation.  If the siding looks dirty, use a power sprayer to zap the grime.
  • Reach the next level of spring time cleaning by going up on the roof to look for missing or damaged roofing, failing chimney tuck pointing, and weathered seals around attic vents. For roofs with high slopes, it is best to let a professional roofer examine your roof.