Service Day 2018

Over 300 Employees. 35 Organizations. 1 Empowering Day.

On Monday, October 8, many organizations and institutions were closed to observe Columbus Day - your Credit Union included. However, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to instead plan and execute our first annual Service Day in the Saint Louis community. Our Service Day included over 300 of our own employees volunteering their time to help a variety of different organizations throughout Saint Louis. 



Who Was Impacted?

Below is the list of 19 activities that impacted 35 organizations because of Service Day. Click on a specific organization to learn more about their mission!

Fisher House - Free housing and stay for families of military veterans while they are in the hospital. 

Missouri Botanical Gardens - A center for botanical research and science education to protect and conserve ecosystems.

Nurses for Newborns - Provides assistance for pregnant families to help prevent infant mortality, child abuse and/or neglect. 

O’Fallon Garden Club - Focuses on community-based service projects and promotes volunteerism. 

Clowder House - Provides lifetime care to cats when owners are no longer able to do so. 

The Fit and Food Connection - Provides healthy living resources through nutrition and physical fitness to families in need.

Soulard School - An independent, urban educational center designed for children from levels Pre-K to 5th grade.

Gene Slay Boys and Girls Club - Equips at-risk youth with skills to make good choices and achieve success through academics and athletics.

Gateway Greening Town and Country - Educates individuals through urban agriculture to connect people to the land and each other.

Gateway Greening Holly Hills - Educates individuals through urban agriculture to connect people to the land and each other.

Salvation Army South County - Serves the community through emergency disaster and a variety of different programs.

St. Louis County Animal Care and Control - Protects the health and welfare of animals in the community and provides care. 

Tenth Life Cat Rescues - Provides veterinary care, foster homes and adoptive placement to stray cats. 

Baby/Pet Blankets - We created 150 fleece, no sew blankets for the homeless, babies and pets. We are donating these blankets to Stray Rescue, Open Door Pets and Homeless Shelters.

Book Buddies - We paired together 330 new or gently-used books with new stuffed animals and will be donated to local St. Louis City grade schools on November 27 (#GivingTuesday).

Pet Adoption Kits - We made 300 total kits (150 for dogs and 150 for cats) for new pet owners. We are donating these kits to Open Door Pets, Stray Rescues and Food Pantries. 

Blessing Bags - We put together 6000 hygiene kits that consisted of shampoo, soap, sunscreen and brushes. We also put together 3000 dental kits that consisted of toothpaste, toothbrushes and floss. We are donating these kits to Food Pantries and Homeless Shelters.

Pet Toys - We made 150 toys out of donated t-shirts for dogs and cats. These chew toys are being donated to Open Door Pets, Stray Rescues and Food Pantries.

Credit Union Landscaping - We cleaned/updated the outside of our headquarters branch to provide a better environment and experience for our members.



From the Organization:

"I would like to express my gratitude to the volunteers that came on Monday. There were 11!! What a surprise. The Salvation Army Gateway Citadel looks like a new facility, in and out. Your co-workers were amazing . They were detailed in their tasks and worked quickly. With the projects that were given to them, I thought that some might not get done. But I was wrong. It was fun to spend time with them.

Again, I am so appreciative of their willingness to serve in this community. If the opportunity arises for another volunteer day, please let me know. You would be most welcome here."

- Deborah, The Salvation Army

"We love seeing our families here go into the kitchen and see the home-cooked meals for them. They are blown away by the generosity of this community and your organization. So, thank you again for what you guys have done for us, it means everything to them!"

- Vanniecia, Fisher House


From our Employees:

"I went home very tired but fulfilled. Thank you for the opportunity to share this with my co-workers."

"I am very thankful that the CU organized this event. It was nice to network and be able to volunteer while still having fun."

"Can't wait for next year! This absolutely should be a continued tradition for the credit union."

"I loved being a part of this experience, and I'm so happy and proud to be part of an organization that does so much for our community. I am looking forward to next year!"

"The most inspirational part of service day for me was seeing the huge turnout of volunteers. It's amazing how many of us came together to help our community."


We would also like to thank all of the organizations who we received donations from that helped us put together this special day. 

Purina - Provided pet food, treats, toys, scratching posts and other animal items. 

Credit Union Employees - Provided t-shirts that were converted to chew toys.

Sunset Tennis Center - Provided tennis balls for the pet toys our employees put together.

Badger - Provided sunscreen for the hygiene kits.

4imprints - Provided drawstring bags for the kits.

Bank Express - Provided hand sanitizer for the hygiene kits.

Custom Ink - Also provided t-shirts for the chew toys.

Delta Dental - Provided all dental items used to put together dental kits.

Novel Neighbor - Provided books for Book Buddies.

We are Proud to Serve
Employees smile as they serve the community Employees hard at work for the community